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Global Trade Lawyers Chamber

It’s an exuded profound pleasure to welcome you to Global Trade Law chambers. Destining to us, it’s a decision our clientele can never regret because of the competence in execution of our mandate as advocates, legal consultants and councilors at law.

About Us

Global Trade Law Chambers is a full service business law firm composed of high profiled and time tested advocates with tailored expertise in the dynamic legal demands of our clients. In realization that the world has become a global village, where different complexities have emerged in day to day transactions, our clients did they need a redeemer, and thus the emerging of global trade law chambers that is global oriented as its name suggests, in approach to service delivery. Our providence of unequalled legal services to our clientele is our purpose and an indelible mark of our Practice.

Through cherishing partnership, we have managed to be ice breakers of protection to our client’s interests, high degree of customer care and at Global Trade Law chambers you will get interested to meet our warm welcoming staff with no bias of creed, sex, color, affiliation among others.

Our Expertise

At Global Trade Law chambers we are client oriented and we hold in completeness an old truism of venerable antiquity of legal ethics.

Our team has a rare level of understanding and practice in international trade, investment, litigation, corporate revenue and taxation, international law, immigration, electronic commerce, telecommunications, construction law and practice, international arbitration, mediation and negotiations, taxation and revenue, mergers and acquisitions, law of banking and negotiable instruments inter alia.

We are fully aware of the need of confidentiality and upholding professional standards and so do we dress and fit in this garment. This has made us to walk the talk as officers of court who owe a duty to our clients, thereby having a rapid response rigor in serving our clients.