Me. Nzeyimana Bonaventure

Advocate at Rwanda Bar Association
  • (+250) 788 790 015

Practice Areas:

Environment; Natural Resources composed by lands, water resources, forests, geology and mining. Land and related issues including but not limited to land acquisition, ownership, titles, transfer, use and administration; condominium and it’s registration. Family matters including matrimonial regime, liberalities and succession; Advisory to Family Council, Succession Council and Liquidator in case of succession
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Me. Nzeyimana Bonaventure Experience

Professional Experiences

Graduate with Bachelor’s Degree in Law at National University of Rwanda, Me Nzeyimana practices the law as public servant for Government Institution in the domain of Natural Resources composed by Land, water, forest mining and geology. With an experience of more than 5 years, he has been dealing with legal issues related to Natural Resources. Given the necessity to review laws governing natural resources, in July 2013, he was nominated to attend a 6 months training in Legislative Drafting at Institute of Legal Practice and Development (ILPD Nyanza) and was graduated with a Post Graduate Diploma in Legislative Drafting (DLD).

Since the Natural Resources Institution was facing many cases in the Courts, a decision to have experienced lawyers to defend the institution was taken and, being one of those experienced lawyers, Me Nzeyimana was admitted in Rwanda Bar Association as Advocate & State Attorney for Rwanda Natural Resources Authority. Thereafter, he was admitted in ILPD, Evening, Kigali Program and completed a Diploma in Legal Practice with success (DLP);

Qualified and experienced, he was a member of the team during the process of drafting laws governing natural resources such as land law, forest law, mining law and implementing tools; one of trainers in the training related to natural resources. Apart from being a public servant, he conducted numerous consultancy as National Consultant in FAO, Part-Time Legal Expert and Consultant in Nyungwe Investment Group Company, Consultant for well-defined work/assignment in Inclusive Business And Consultancy Ltd …