Me. Rugwizangoga Marcellin

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Practice Areas:

Business Law, Corporate law, Commercial transactions, Insurance law, Contract law, Investment Law, procurement law, Land law, Commercial arbitration, contract law, Tax law, Banking law and Financial law, Intellectual property law, consumer protection, debt collection, and criminal law.
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Me. Rugwizangoga Marcellin Experience

Professional Experiences

Mr. Rugwizangoga, joined the firm early December 2015.

In his career as a fully enrolled legal practitioner, he also put aside some time to write books. As such Mr. Rugwizangoga has authored quite a number of interesting pieces of literature.

As an author of our time, Mr. Rugwizangoga touched explored critical areas such as contract and litigation. Record captures him to have author:

  • Rwanda Tax Litigation Bench Book, the Judiciary of Rwanda, Nika Printers, 2014;
  • Good faith as a hindrance of freedom of contract under principles of European contract Law [EPCL], Lambert Academic press, saarbruken,Germany, 2015
  • Protection des consommateurs de contrat de crédit en Droit Rwandais, Presse Académique Francophone, Saarbrücken, Germany, 2015.

The vast experience that he has acquired as both a practitioner and an author, Mr. Rugwizangoga has shared it with young professionals and learning friends in lecture rooms, and to those who have encountered him as a teacher of law, author and practitioner, have found him so resourceful.

About My Education

Education And Training


Master of Laws (LLM) University of Groningen

Completed Master of Laws (LLM) University of Groningen in the year 2011.


Kigali independent University (LLB)

Completed Kigali independent University (LLB) in the year 2008.


Certificate in gender based violence

Completed Certificate in gender based violence in the year 2006.

My Activities


Advocate in the republic of Rwanda

Social Connections


Rwanda Bar Association

Communication Skills

Languages I Speak

English, French, Kinyarwanda, Swahili